Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources. Covering two-thirds of the Globe, it is essential to the survival of the planet, and all life on it.

“Today, nearly one-third of the World's population lives with chronic shortages of water that directly threaten human health, agriculture, and economic development. More than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and more than 2 billion lack adequate sanitation. Some 6,000 children die every day from waterborne disease. It is estimated that by 2025, nearly two-thirds of the World's population will experience some form of water-related stress.” www.mofa.go.jp

Hydros Water Quality is a subsidiary of an established network of water quality laboratories in the United States. Its primary objective is to extend the environmental services and expertise into other parts of the world. Our team of experts analyze and detect disease-causing microorganisms in all types of water, including recreational waters, drinking source waters, treated wastewater, etc. Our mission is to provide both private and government entities the tools and information they need to identify, monitor, prevent, and contain outbreaks of all waterborne threats.

Environmental Virology

Human enteric viruses are often present in domestic sewage, treated wastewater, recreational surface waters, and biosolids intended for land application. The detection of viable viruses indicates the definite presence of fecal pollution and of human pathogens.

Environmental Parasitology

Our laboratory provides helminth and parasite detection services using standard USEPA methodologies and novel published procedures for the most sensitive and reliable results.

Microbial Source Tracking

Microbiological source tracking methods are potentially powerful tools that are increasingly being used to identify sources of fecal contamination. Dr. Troy M. Scott has developed innovative methods for source tracking, making HWQ a direct extension of industry leaders in this technology.